Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Creative Space

Our new studio......
We have moved the studio for Little Harvest into Ink and Spindle. Its awesome.
We already had half of our gear there as it's where we teach workshops.
Teegs and Lara. C from Ink and Spindle have welcomed us with open arms.
Its going to be so nice getting to know them more as time goes by, and spending time in their beautiful studio is great. If you are ever keen to have a look at the printing studio they run open days occasionally, there is one coming up on the 17th of April.
Already words like "oasis" and "heaven" have been used. Its a special space for all of us away from our families (not that we don't love you guys) where we can come together and breathe some life into products. At present we are making a batch of bats. Screen printing dresses. And designing some new soft toys, more on that later....
Its amazing how productive you can be when you have limitations on your time.
As a wise man once told me...."If you want something done ask a busy person to do it."
While moving in I bumped into some old friends who run Love & Little Salon.
Geneine popped her head out of the car and said " So how many vintage sewing machines do you actually have?"
It was great to see the Love family and their little sprouts.
And yes we do have an awful lot of sewing machines.
Our new studio ranked number one on our weekly five list .....
This post was inspired by Kootoyoo and her weekly creative spaces segment.


  1. Ah how lucky you are to share a work space with I & S! I'd love to be a fly on the wall and watch all that creativity

  2. We are so very lucky to have been welcoming into the Ink and Spindle nest!You should check out their open studio on April the 17th, there is info on their blog... they will be printing and all!