Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No point mentioning the bats.....you'll see them soon enough!

We have been busily building our bat army! They will be unleashed this Saturday at the Craft Hatch Artisans Market. These scary lil' guys are made from recycled 1940's Army blankets......we only have three blankets so they are a limited edition.
I might have to hit the op shops next week to re-stock our supplies......any excuse for a spot of op shopping!
xx Jess


  1. Do you have a class on how to make these precious bats?

  2. Hi Poppet we run a softie making class that starts in May, there is a link to the class dates on out blog... Jess who designs these bats runs the workshop so she will have lots of great advice on how to make awesome things like this !

  3. I love the use of the stripes in the fabric for the faces & the red lining! Too cute.