Saturday, April 17, 2010

A great day had by all

This morning we joined forces with the dynamic duo at Ink & Spindle and hosted an open studio. We had several waves of folk come through to have a closer look at what goes on around here and the Ink & Spindle ladies had two printing sessions where they demonstrated the process that allows them to produce such beautiful product. They did a wonderful job imparting their printing knowledge with insight and humour whilst ensuring that their patterns were perfectly registered - not an easy job to juggle all those tasks!
We also had a bit of fun setting up shop in the studio - merging our product with the Ink & Spindle goodies. They really complimented each other as you can see in the picture below that features some of our dresses with the I&S lampshades.

Thank you to all the lovelies who came along. Many of you were interested in joining us in some of our up and coming screenprinting classes. Now that you have seen the studio in person it would be hard to resist spending a weekend here immersed in creative output huh? We hope to see you soon.
Take a look at some moments from our day below.
Lara C (from Ink & Spindle) and some of our visitors discuss the printing process.
Teegs (from Ink & Spindle) in printing mode. The ink splattered apron features "Birch Forest" by Ink & Spindle.
The girls working together to print a 5 metre run of "Chalk in Snow".
If you missed our open studio you may want to put the next one in your diary - 5th June.
See you there.

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